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Located between the cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena is Chorrera: a small rural town projected as the artisan and commercial showcase of the northern Atlantic region in Colombia. On the year 2002, a group of women came together and founded the Artisan Association of Chorrera and in 2011 the brand Arte y Tejido was born. They have dedicated themselves to the development of knitted products made with a crochet technique. They use both natural and artificial fibers, including leather to develop the well-known Colombian “mochilas”.

The purpose of this brand lies in empowering artisans, so they can provide for themselves, aim for a better quality of life and commercialize their products worldwide.

Thanks to the support and intervention in education and entrepreneurship of FUNDACIÓN GASES DEL CARIBE, the artisanal processes have been standardized in terms of design and quality. Arte y Tejido has achieved many recognitions and have positioned their brand in national and international markets. All these efforts through the years have translated in the improvement the quality of life of more than 150 artisans and their families.

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