At the Gases del Caribe Foundation house, the limited-edition collection was presented in Barranquilla, consisting of five pieces of backpacks from the Arte y Tejido brand and the designer Adriana Castro, which are part of the first collaboration project between both brands.

Under the name of ‘My Caribbean Route’, the designer has created a unique proposal, handmade and very indigenous, with the seal of quality that characterizes it. The pieces were made 100% by hand by 150 women and men who are part of the Association of Artisans of Chorrera, district of Juan de Acosta, Atlántico, who since 2009 have the support of the Gases del Caribe Foundation.

Adriana celebrates the Caribbean through her eyes, turning each of the bags into a collector’s item loaded with impeccable craftsmanship.

His inspiration comes from five cities in the Colombian Caribbean that have marked milestones throughout his life, spinning history in a wide color palette, textures, ancient craft techniques, shapes, and materials, among which tanned threads and leathers coexist. vegetables, but above all emotions and sensations that are transmitted to the naked eye by a product ‘Made in Colombia’.



The colors and sounds of Barranquilla, its birthplace, have inspired ‘La Cumbiambera’, a mochila bag with the soul of dance.


In Valledupar, where her ancestors come from, she remembers the love stories that made her dream. Stories and songs that were poetry and were told through the notes of an accordion. This is how ‘La Cacica’ was born, a backpack with a long handle that captures the accordions in their most abstract version.


Adriana’s journey through the mind and soul continues with the books she read in her paternal grandfather’s office, hence her fascination with the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez and also ‘La Casa de los Abuelos’, the backpack that yields homage to this man of letters and his home in Aracataca, Magdalena.


‘Cayeye’ is another of the creations inspired by Santa Marta, in the famous samarium cayeye. This design is colored with a color palette led by vibrant green and abstract imagery of green banana.


Cartagena has always been a source of inspiration for the designer and on this occasion she developed her feelings from one of the corners that has hypnotized her the most, located in the Rosario Islands: Matamba Island.

A house in the middle of the sea that captured your senses and awakened your creativity. ‘Matamba’, the bag that comes in the form of an XL tote and also in a mini version, is printed with the blue of the sea, its waves and some textures of the house that are impossible to forget.

With this new 100% sustainable and hand-woven collection in Chorrera, Atlántico, Adriana reaffirms her feeling of telling stories through fabric and luxury craftsmanship.

“It has been a magical journey in which I have enjoyed going back to my roots and working hand in hand with these amazing women of Art and Knitting to bring my memories to life. We have achieved a collection with heart and soul that manages to arouse emotions through each stitch”.